Committee settles on Worthington vision statements; implementation comes next

The Worthington Community Visioning Committee has been working on the city's visioning initiative since 2019.
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Stephen Borgna | ThisWeek group | 12:22 pm EST November 13, 2020

The culmination of Worthington's community-visioning initiative that began in early 2019 is getting closer.

Representatives from the Worthington Community Visioning Committee presented vision statements and principles they developed to Worthington City Council on Nov. 9. The committee’s final report is expected to come be voted on by City Council in December; council's scheduled meetings next month are Dec. 7, 14 and 21.

After several months of gathering public input through focus groups, postcards, stakeholder interviews and other methods, the 13-member committee developed and presented seven vision statements:

• Worthington is a diverse and equitable community.

• Worthington is dedicated to the vibrancy of its downtown.

• Worthington is connected.

• Worthington is a model for environmental stewardship.

• Worthington offers a high quality of life.

• Worthington’s economy is balanced and resilient.

• Worthington’s leadership is open, forward-thinking and collaborative.

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Council President Bonnie Michael said she and other council members were impressed with these principles.

“I felt personally and I think the council as a whole were extremely impressed with the exceptional work done by this committee,” Michael said. “I think that the principles that were brought forward were excellent and they really do reflect what I think most people in Worthington would like to see.”

Michael said the final report would contain information on how these principles, broad in scope as they are, could be implemented into actions and policies.

“There will be some additional information on specific ways to help carry out some of these vision items,” Michael said.

“There are action steps that will be in the appendices of this report that will be coming to council,” said visioning committee chair Joe Sherman.

Joe Sherman is chair of the Worthington Community Visioning Committee.
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Sherman said one method of implementing the vision statements would be for City Council to establish a committee for each statement that could then develop actionable steps to apply them to the community.

“That would be the way I would approach this, to break it down into seven different working committees,” he said.

As of Nov. 13, Sherman said ,the visioning committee was in the process of putting together the “very detailed report” that will be approximately 50 to 60 pages long. 

“This will break down where we go, how we do this and what our recommendations would be,” Sherman said. “And with that will be the appendix – we had over 70 pages of comments from the community – so we’ve broken these down. We will then tie these back to the individual vision statements.

“This is going to be a very involved process to get this thing figured out as far as next steps go.”

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Originally Published 12:22 pm EST November 13, 2020
Updated 12:22 pm EST November 13, 2020
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